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Rawhide dog treats - Mila with rawhide

Rawhide dog treats are a very popular dog treat for chewing and available in all kinds of sizes and shapes. As many Bull Terriers like chewing a lot, especially the young ones, Rawhide dog treats can be a good choice to keep them busy.


What are Rawhide dog treats made of?

As the name suggests rawhide is made from hides – mostly cattle.
The hides are freed from all fat, meat and hair, cleaned, cut, pressed and processed into different shapes, such as sticks, braids, knotted bone shapes etc. before drying. After drying the product has shrunken to about half of its former size, which is one of the major reasons, why rawhide treats bear the potential of causing intestinal blockages and choking.
Some also come with chicken or beef flavoring. Careful with those: They can stain carpets and floors.

ALWAYS provide plenty of water when you give rawhide to your dog!!!

Benefits of Rawhide dog treats

First of all Rawhide dog treats keep your Bull Terrier busy and most dogs like them. Chewing is natural for Bull Terriers and dogs in general. The Rawhide dog treat will compensate for other possibly attractive chew targets, such as your furniture or your shoes.
It also helps cleaning the teeth from plaque while chewing and prevents tartar build-up.

Disadvantages of Rawhide dog treats?

Rawhide dog treats - a piece of work for Mila
Rawhide dog treats – a piece of work for Mila

Rawhide dog treats unfortunately bear a certain risk of intestinal blockages or choking for your dog. This can make surgery necessary and in serious cases this can lead to death.
Therefore you should never allow your dog to chew Rawhide dog treats unattended. Also it could become necessary for you to carefully reach into your dogs mouth and maw to remove stuck pieces rawhide immediately. This could save her life, when there is no time left to rush to the doggie ER!
So, if you are afraid of reaching into your Bull Terrier’s mouth and he is prone to horking things down, Rawhide dog treats my not be the best choice for your pooch.
If you give rawhide, always chose a size for your Bull Terrier that cannot be swallowed in whole.

Rawhide dog treats can also cause intestinal blockages, because the hide swells in the stomach. There are quite some surgeries performed each year to remove rawhide from a dog’s stomach. If your dog tends to dismember Rawhide treats into large pieces and swallow those in whole, Rawhide may not the best choice for your dog due to the risk of intestinal blockages.
Some dogs are sensitive and react with upset stomach to rawhide, commonly accompanied by diarrhea. If the diarrhea does not persist and the dog does not show any other signs of ailment, it should be fine. Otherwise you should probably not continue giving Rawhide dog treats.

Rawhide can also be contaminated with chemicals from manufacturing, preservatives, antibiotics or salmonella. Not only can this cause an upset stomach or diarrhea, but also more severe health problems due to ingestion of arsenic, lead, titanium oxide, formaldehyde, chromium salts, mercury, cadmium and bromine. These are substances used in many countries to ensure a cost-effective manufacturing process. The very white rawhides are also bleached with very aggressive agents. The funny thing it that this is only done for appealing to the human eye. Your Bull Terrier won’t care about the color.

As rawhides are not categorized as a food item, they do not need to be labeled like food. This means that the consumer never knows what’s inside. In the media and on the internet I frequently hear and read warnings about dog treats from Asia – including Rawhide dog treats. They involve different issues from incorporated cat and dog parts, lead and arsenic, antibiotics and other weird, toxic or dangerous ingredients.

Were to buy safe Rawhide dog treats?

Rawhide dog treats - retriever rolls
Even the “seconds” retriever rolls from i-pets look great, don’t smell and Mila loves them.

You probably have heard the same rumors and reports in the media about dangerous treats for pets from Asia.
Not only because of these reports, but also because I like to support national business, I looked around for a U.S. vendor of treats made in the U.S. It actually turned out not to be so easy. If you look at what hangs around in the big pet stores or the pet aisle in grocery stores, you will mostly find China and other foreign origins.

There are sure also others existing, but I found this one vendor, who is not only offering the treats for affordable prices online. This vendor also obviously is aware of the problem and cares about the health of our pets.
According to the information on their website they are taking measures to ensure that only SAFE treats – safe due to chemicals etc. – are being shipped. They are actually selling treats made in the U.S. as well as treats from China. But they take the effort of controlling their providers and products.
I have ordered their products – chose the U.S. Rawhide dog treats – and am VERY pleased! No need to mention that Mila literally LOVES them to pieces 🙂

It you want to check out the store, visit: i-pets.com

They also offer other treats, like pig ears, deer antlers and even toys and grooming items for cats and dogs.

In case you are not sure, if giving Rawhide dog treats to your Bull Terrier is a good choice or if your dog’s stomach does not tolerate them or your dog is prone to horking, maybe it’s time to look around for alternatives, such as bully sticks or bullwrinkles.
I have also heard of Himalayan Dog Chews. These sound interesting. As I understand it is some kind of cheese, originally made for humans. Maybe I also give these a try some day. If so, I will certainly share my experience here.

You can also fill Kong balls and freeze them to make a dog treat ball for your Bull Terrier. Here you find more information on that.

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