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Dog and animal lovers in the U.S., here’s your call to help pets around the nation!

There’s a call online to sign this petition: “Driven-To-Bark
The petition is initiated by Petplan pet insurance urging all states to enact laws that ban leaving animals alone in cars during dangerous temperatures.

This is what the petition is about:
“Every year, countless dogs die in cars due to extreme temperatures. Despite this, only 15 states have statutes that specifically prohibit leaving an animal in a confined vehicle. Petplan pet insurance believes this a national issue – and that animals need a stronger voice and stronger protection….

… On an 85ºF day, dogs (enclosed in cars) can be at high risk of succumbing to heat stroke in less than 15 minutes…”

Use your voice to safe animals!
Sign the petition today! Hurry, there are only 14 days left!

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