Trick and obedience training for dogs

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Bull Terrier MilaHello everyone, Mila here!

Today I’d like to have a quick talk about dog training:
Did you know that during trick and obedience training for us dogs it is a lot easier for us to learn spoken commands in combination with hand signals?

We don’t actually “speak” any human language. Actually there’s no such thing between dogs as a “language” either. We have our own way of communication. The barking you might consider our language is only a tiny part of it.
Because of our different ways of communication, we’re sometimes having a hard time handling the human way.
For example, it can be very hard for us to differentiate between a “Sit!” and a “Seek!” spoken by our humans. The two commands sound just so similar.
If they are used in connection to a very clear and distinct hand signal each – a different one for each command, of course – that makes things a lot easier for us.

Another great help for dog training is to wisely choose the commands you’re using and to pronounce them very clearly and the same every time you use them.
For example instead of “Let go!” for letting loose of something and “Let’s go!” for walking together, you could choose “Lets WALK!” for the second command to make the two commands sound more different to me.
Clarity is key, if you want us to follow your orders! Well, that is, of course, if we WANT to follow them … 🙂

Enough of the chit-chat for today!
Cya next time with more interesting dog facts!

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