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Dog facts: Understanding dog behaviorHey guys, I know, it’s been a while.
But here I am back with a new dog fact.
Today I want to talk about misunderstandings between humans and dogs and the important role of understanding dog behavior in the relationship with your Bull Terrier.

Misunderstandings are what causes the majority of problems between humans and dogs.


Let’s first talk about human behavior and how Bull Terriers and other dogs in general perceive and how they may misinterpret it.

For example, did you know that a friendly, bright and teeth exposing smile of a person can be interpreted as an act of aggression by the dog, especially when the person also looks the dog straight into the eye?

Dogs usually show their teeth to each other when they are threatening or about to attack. Therefore the human smile confuses dogs and can actually lead to aggression on the dog’s side.
So, next time you want to pet a dog who does not know you too well, try a gentle smile with your lips closed. It will feel much more relaxed and can enjoy the stroking.

Some dogs become aggressive out of nowhere when unexpectedly meeting people, who then freeze and stand still. This is especially true, when the person keeps straight eye contact with the dog.
Dogs can judge people’s intentions and identity much better when those individuals are moving, because dogs have difficulties to perceive non-moving objects and individuals. We also read a lot from your human voice.

If someone is standing in front of us motionless and speechless that robs us of the possibility to assess the situation, which makes many of my fellow dogs extremely insecure and nervous.
This results in a feeling of fear and possibly aggression.
Ergo, talking to your dog is not nonsense, no matter what others say. While she probably does not understand what you are saying, it is one of the best ways for your dog to recognize her owner and the mood he is in.

Did you ever recognize your dog moving her head away when you tried to pet the top of her head?
Yes, it’s true, most of us not only don’t care about it very much, we actually don’t really like to be patted or stroked on the top of our heads.
To most of us your human hand touching our head like this feels like an act of dominance, just like we sometimes try to get over your head for dominance.
Some dogs learn that the human ways are different and accept to be patted on the top of the head by their owners.

Next time you notice your dog moving her head when you try to touch it, try stroking the side of our faces or under our chin, our chest, gently pat the sides of our shoulders or give us a hearty belly, torso or rump rub.
This will totally transport your affection and be appreciated a lot by almost every single one of our species.

Ok, folks!
Enough chatting for today. I’ll be back soon with another interesting dog fact.


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