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What else should you know about adopting Bull Terrier puppies?

Bull Terrier Puppies
A balanced nutrition is the foundation of a healthy Bull Terrier

Health & Nutrition


Especially regarding the widespread allergy issues in Bull Terriers experience shows that prevention or improvement can rise and fall with the right or wrong nutrition. Wrong in this case means foods that contain high contents of grains (such as most low-cost kibble foods do). But there are also other factors to be considered.
They can exponentiate the problems, which is not only true for Bull Terriers.
To be on the safer side right from the start, it is a wise decision to feed a grain-free and high quality food to your dog. Wet in general goes before kibble, because it is closer to the natural historical nutrition of dogs – provided you choose a good quality brand. But kibble also remains an option, if choosing a good quality brand.
There are great resources for that. The website dogfoodadvisor.com holds a lot of very useful information available about dog foods and can help to identify the good brands.
Also adding vitamins, fish oil and maybe probiotics are a good idea in a healthy Bull Terrier diet.


Bull Terriers are very agile and energetic. They need an outlet for their huge amount of energy. Walking them alone can not be considered exercise. You can of course walk your Bully, just don’t consider him exercised when you’re back home. UNLESS you try to make it real fun for him, he will probably not really see the fun in walking. The Bull Terrier needs interaction with his people and a lot of diversion and entertainment. This distinguishes them from some other, more leaned back breeds. The are often characterized as independent thinkers, even hard to train.

In my experience it all depends on how you handle them.
Your Bully will need consistency, knowing who’s the boss and who makes the rules. He needs to KNOW clearly what he is doing right and what he’s doing wrong and needs the time and chance to figure things out and adapt.

Bull Terriers are like raw diamonds. If you use the wrong polishing tactics you will only get a pile of carbon. If you use the right tactics and commit to LIVING WITH your Bully, instead of just owning A DOG, you will get the most precious and loving pet you can imagine as the reward for your efforts.

Find more tips on how to entertain your dog here

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6 years ago


We just got a little miniature bully. And our concern is. He only plays with ball for a short period of time and don’t chase toys or people. He just laying down.;( is he ok? Bully’s suppose to be very active.

Ashley duran
6 years ago

Hello I have my male bull terrier who jut turned a year now. We socialized him early as possible where he got along with all dogs, never bit back. Now for the past month he gets aggressive with dogs. He starts off wanting to play with them. When he plays with them for at least 30 seconds than he gets aggressive. Once we stop him he cries for the other dog. We can’t find the issue but this has been going on. He has always been a people and dog lover but now we are afraid I take him back to the dog park. Any ideas? THank you

3 years ago

Hello, fantastic website and source of information!

Our 2 year old EBT dog Ruffus ( male ). We only have had him for 4 months now and the seller said he was great dog and he is 99% of the time, but when he is sleeping and you step near him he instantly awakes and snarls and barks very aggressively. My children and husband are now terrified, the thing is, this only happens if roused from sleep. So, the trigger is, if sleeping on his bed or on the sofa and someone affectionally strokes hime then he will go into a terrifying fit of rage that seems to lasts for a few seconds.

The thing is Ruffus shows no aggression around food or toys. When we bought Ruffus from the seller, Ruffus had his tail docked. I’m now wondering that the seller was aware of this and my research leads me to think that Ruffus was possibly an OCD tail chaser and now is possibly showing signs of sudden onset aggression.
Can you help

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