Exercises for dogs – how much exercise and which exercises to choose for your dog?

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Bullterrierfun - Exercises for dogsDog breeds are usually distinguished by different characteristics. One of those characteristics is their energy level.

While there are indeed some dog with low energy levels, I would say MOST dogs really need some exercise. Bull Terriers, for example, especially when young, often have pretty high energy levels and therefore need quite an amount of attention and exercise.

Not every kind of exercise is suited for any dog.

Some dogs will be completely happy with walks and should not be encouraged to perform certain exercises, such as excessive jumping, long-distance running etc. -because of their physiognomy. That does not mean these dogs just do not need exercise. It just means that other exercises may be more appropriate for them.

Another factor are typical preferences of the breed. And a huge factor is genetic bias. Herding dogs, even if not used to guard life stock still have that “herding gene in them”, and often like exercises simulating this action. Dogs who have been used to track small animals for generations, are more likely to go after small animals and will probably like games simulating this situation.

If you own a Bull Terrier, for example, walks very likely will just not do the trick. You may even encounter some problems in getting your dog to go for a walk in the first place. This is a pretty common problem among Bull Terrier owners. Walks can still be part of the daily routine. But they cannot replace other more exciting, diversified and interactive exercises you should offer to your Bull Terrier, such as fetch, agility training or mental exercises.

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Especially if you are not a dog owner yet, do some research about the breed you are planning to own and on their Energy levels.

There are breeds with activity levels for every possible taste. Try to find your perfect match.
In order to have a great life together, such aspects should matter far more than just choosing the new housemate by the “favorite looks”. If people, who hardly like to step outside for a walk, choose to buy a very agile breed, the dog will likely end up unbalanced and possibly even become destructive and mischievous. This is one of many problems, new owners of Bull Terriers are often experiencing when unaware of the breed’s character traits and needs.

Here is a list of possible exercises for dogs:

Physical exercises for dogs

  • Agility
  • Weight pulling
  • Swimming
  • Fetch with balls or frisbees
  • Walks
  • Running
  • Playing with other dogs

Mental exercises for dogs

  • Obedience & Trick training
  • Tracking & nose work
  • Stuffed treat toys/ hidden treats
  • Hide & seek
  • Dog dancing

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