“Puppy Potty Training” tips or how to get your Bull Terrier puppy house trained

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Using training pads (potty pads)

Despite their name training pads in the house actually do not really have a lot of “training effect” in terms of your dog learning to go outside. They can just help to limit the damage, IF your dog decides to use them. Potty pads work for some dogs, for some dogs they don’t work (they are just not using them), every dog is different.

If you want to give them a try, place them in areas of the house where you have caught your dog “going” before.


Most importantly: Cleaning

Clean up messes very thoroughly to remove odors that could encourage your dog to go again in that very same spot.


And One more thing from my box of tricks

Even if you catch your dog going inside, just grab it real quick and carry it outside for potty. Most of the time dogs are so startled by the action that they stop urinating that moment allowing you the time to carry it outside (it can also end up in dripping messes, but you already have a mess in the house and what are clothes for, right? :).
Now, rush outside, set the puppy down in the desired potty spot (choose one close to the house!), say your keyword and wait until your dog is done. Then praise like crazy.
You can even still go outside if your catch your dog just finishing the act, just to imprint the process into your dogs mind. Clean up messes throughly and consistently follow the rules above.

Every dog has its own learning speed. But ALL of them – if not impaired by any health issues causing them to just not being able to “hold it” – WILL get it sooner or later. It all also depends on your own efforts an consistency.

Good luck with your house training!

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