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In actuality this is just the way a perfectly normal puppy is learning, experiencing and testing boundaries – through play. That is what happened back in the litter. And that is all it knows so far and therefore does now with its humans.
As puppies Bull Terriers are already pretty strong, but they are not aware of their destructive abilities.
Many owners misinterpret this behavior as negative behavior, thinking their dog is dominant or even aggressive.
But even if your young dog shows open and obvious aggression towards you that does not necessarily mean that it will never accept and submit to your authority as the leader.
It may as well just not have noticed yet, that you indeed are the one making the rules, because you did not make it clear enough yet or did not provide the appropriate learning experience.


The simple fact is that adolescence is the phase where the dog practically “asks” to be taught the house rules

Some owners miss out on using this valuable time of testing and experiencing as the BEST time to teach a puppy how to play correctly, how much “teeth” to use to grab something or someone and when it is time to calm down. Either those owners are not aware of this relation or they are not prepared for educating and training a dog coming with as much personality and steam as the Bull Terrier.

If you are the owner of a Bull Terrier that is no longer a puppy, but is still “attacking”, nipping and playing very roughly – you probably have missed valuable chances of being consistent and firm.

But here’s the good news: It is not too late to correct your dog’s behavior.

Consistency and firmness are key with education of any young dog – and especially if you own a Bull Terrier.

These playful clowns have a tendency to overact, especially during play or in attempts to engage people or other animals in play.
On the other hand – surprisingly – they can be very patient and in general they are well-tempered individuals, who thrive with education. This is very helpful for their learning curve. And skilled owners know how to use these character traits to bring the best out of their Bull Terrier.
When the puppy enters your home, it does not really have a feeling for “rough”, “mine and yours”, “obedience and ranking” or things like “house rules”.
For all it knows, it is king of the world and ready to conquer whatever crosses its way using foolish behavior or its teeth.

Read more about appropriate and inappropriate measures to educate your aggressive puppy  on the next page.

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