The aggressive puppy – do I have an aggressive dog?

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Consistency is key – Don’t be fooled by cute looks

Even though they are not really “pussyfooting” through life, Bull Terrier puppies can really pout when they feel they are being mistreated themselves.
Allowing yourself to be fooled by all the cuteness is the biggest mistake you can make during this time.
Being consequent NOW on the other hand is the best you can do – for yourself, but also and most importantly for your puppy. Because consistency is what will set it up for success.

On the other hand there is absolutely no need for excessive measures you sometimes find recommended on the Internet, such as fasting your puppy (also not a great idea, because puppies need all the meals and nutrients they can get while growing), confinement over longer periods of time or using painful methods for disciplining. Your puppy is not evil and does not need punishment.
It just needs to learn, and it needs your patience, consistency and your love.

Remember, even if your puppy is teasing you or questioning your authority by growling at you, it is actually in the stage of discovering and maybe asking twice, if YOU really ARE the leader. They are little rascals – and part of them stays that way their entire life. This is something you need to love about them in order to really be able to appreciate their nature. But I can also promise you that once you have found a way to set the rules, you will end up having the most devoted pet ever possible.

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