Travel Report: Best pet friendly campgrounds in Florida – Fort De Soto

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Best pet friendly campgrounds in Florida - Fort De Soto

Camping lot at Fort De Soto park

Last Friday we have returned from our very first vacation with Mila – and the three of us really had a great time together. We had decided to camp in a tent at one of the best pet friendly campgrounds in Florida, shortly over two hours away from our home: Fort De Soto Park.

The weather was perfect and so was the campsite!

Mila has already travelled once by airplane with my husband when she had been nine weeks old and he went to Arizona to get her. It was an overnight stay with her. But instead of the expected chaos, mess and whining – she had merely slept away almost the entire trip – NO sedation involved!

Now, shortly under 18 months old, she has developed into a boisterous little pack of fun with the typical “teenage” attitude of a Bull Terrier. Always up for an adventure or play. Despite training and socializing her and trying to provide ample opportunities of play and wearing herself out, we had not once been lucky enough so far to experience her energy being completely drained.

Beautiful beaches, ample space for dogs and a piece of history at one of the pet friendly campgrounds in Florida

So when my husband and I started for our 4-day trip, we were very curious to see, IF we would be able to get her to that point this time – and WHEN it would happen.

Just for those among you, who like camping  – with or without pets – let me tell you: The Fort De Soto campsite site is just beautiful! The lots are arranged around small ends of brackish water that holds a lot of fish (anglers, bring your equipment) and leads into the Gulf of Mexico.

Lines of palm trees and light shrubbery between the lots allow for privacy. Yet everyone is close by enough to engage in conversations, if desired. The lots provide enough space for even the largest RV’s and each of them is equipped with a table and bench to sit outside and eat, a charcoal grill, water and power access.

The restrooms and bathrooms on the premises are well cared for and clean. There’s also a real small camp store which basically provides everything you could forget at home – flashlights, mosquito spray (one of the essentials in this wooded area), cosmetics, ice cubes and even fire pits for a bonfire. Ice cream, sweets & salty stuff and even pizza are all available there.

There’s a little porch behind the store – one would not expect it there – that features a real nice view when you sit there enjoying your morning coffee (if you didn’t bring your own coffee maker).

The dog park, Gulf coast beaches and historical site of Fort De Soto are just a stone’s throw away from the campsite by car and roughly half an hour of walking on a paved sidewalk which is also perfect for biking or skating. Speaking of it, of course there are also bikes available for rent, as well as kayaks.

Read on about the Fort De Soto campsite on the next page.

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