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Best pet friendly campgrounds in Florida - Fort De Soto
Mila proudly posing in front of a historical cannon at Fort De Soto

The owners were very friendly and we chatted for a while after we had figured out that we are all from the same city in Germany. Eventually we remained there for almost two hours and sometimes almost forgot that Mila was with us, because she went to sleep under the table.


The restaurant’s owners were not familiar with the breed and misinterpreted Mila’s doziness as a sign of this breed in general being very calm and laid back.

You can probably imagine the smile of “knowing it better” on our faces and our answers.

As friendly as it gets

In general, it was very pleasing to see how much people in that area were welcoming dogs. Mila even took one ball home from another dog owner as a gift, because she had so fallen in love with that particular ball. It’s not that we did not bring a bag full of her favorite balls for her with us. No, now it had to be THIS ONE!
Again my experience was that the appearance of a Bull Terrier in particular seems to sweep people off their feet.
“Uh, Spuds!”, “That’s General Patton’s dog, right?”, “Hey, the Target dog!”, “So cute, look at his face, what breed is that???”
This is how it went all the time and Mila just loved and absorbed the attention of all those people!
I felt another helpful ice breaker also was her orange harness with those badges on it saying: “Can I get a belly rub?”. I saw more than one smiles on that.

On Thursday – our last day there – Mila seemed too worn out to keep her entertained by playing with her ball or other dogs.

And despite sunscreen for all of us we already showed some slight signs of sunburn. So we decided not to roast at the beach for another day and go on a little trip instead.
We went to John’s Pass Village and Boardwalk, a small fishing village in Madeira Beach.

This is a nice place to be, with or without a dog! Lots of small shops and places to eat. Everything looks, feels and smells like vacation. It’s a nice walk over the wooden planks, where dogs are also allowed on leash. And there are also pet friendly restaurants around. Note: Parking fee is required for cars, just FYI.
We went to grab a bite at the Bamboo Beach Bar & Grill, sitting in their outside area. The very friendly waitress immediately showed up with a small bucket of ice water and a Milk Bone for Mila.

Again people looked and smiled at her. And Mila seemingly sensed the good vibes and enjoyed staying there with us calmly.


It was a wonderful trip – and definitely not our last one WITH the dog to this area! Mila was still sleeping off the adventure through Saturday. Today she is back to normal, yet she seems to be a little more affectionate and attentive towards us.

I feel like this trip also helped to strengthen the bond between Mila and us. She is not exactly a huge cuddler yet. But during the last days, every now and then she came along, hugging us and “kissing” our faces. Just as if she wanted to say “thank you for that adventure! That was so much fun!”

If you like camping, either in a tent or an RV, and are ever around here at Florida’s Gulf coast, consider a stay at one of the best pet friendly campgrounds in Florida – the remote Fort De Soto campsite. It’s worth it!

If you are looking for information about camping in Fort De Soto park Florida, visit the official campground website.

Find Mila’s photo story about the trip here.

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Best pet friendly campgrounds in Florida: Fort De Soto
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Peter Brady
6 years ago

This article was amazing. Thinking about getting a bullterrier and I love camping!
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