How to work out a Bull Terrier

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Please DO NOT use a crate or box to regularly confine your dog during an entire work day!

I have heard of such cases and of people who thought they were doing it right. But they were not!
Even the biggest crate or box you can buy will not be able to provide enough space for an active dog to spend a lot of daytime hours in it!
Crating her during the night is a different story, because your dog will be resting/sleeping. Leaving her in her crate during the day for an hour or so to go and buy groceries or help the handyman with a fear of dogs coming into your house to feel safe is tolerable.
Sleeping in a crate during the night and staying inside for very short terms during the day is ok, as long as your dog has the chance of releasing her energy and is getting enough attention during the day!

But, if you do not have the chance of having your Bull Terrier supervised and entertained by yourself or a family member in a way that in general she can run feely during the day, you should seriously consider doggie daycare or a dog sitter. Or try to make arrangements with family, friends or neighbors, so your dog does not need to be crated for a lot of consecutive hours.

Another daytime solution could be building a huge kennel in your yard, provided you have one. This kennel should provide enough shade and a dog house, as well as enough space to walk around freely. This, of course, only refers to moderate weather areas. Leaving your dog outside in excessive heat or cold is not a good idea.

What’s the problem?
If you try to “limit” those power packs by a lot of crating, you will probably pretty soon notice more or less serious issues. These could be behavioral issues, such as spinnig (excessive tail chasing), hyperactivity, excessive barking and destructive behavior. But also health issues can occur.
Despite their seemingly robust nature, Bull Terriers tend to react very sensitive, if they do not get the space, attention and energy release they need.
This could result in stress for your pet and lead to excessive nail and foot biting, allergy like symptoms and other auto-aggressive behavior.
Stress can even weaken the immune defense of your dog, resulting in a very unhealthy cycle of persistent signs of disease in different areas.

Please prevent your dog from becoming a physically and mentally ill neurotic wreck! Always provide her with enough attention, exercise and space!


How to work out a Bull Terrier

If your Bull Terrier gets enough exercise, she will be balanced and well tempered.

Getting through their prime with a Bull Terrier can be exhausting for every owner. They have their own mind set and just love life and excitement. They truly are among the biggest personalities nature has to offer as pets. But that’s actually why we love them so much!

If you still experience problems with managing your dog, enrolling for an obedience class may be a good idea. But also be prepared for rejection. Bull Terriers can cause rejection among other dog owners and even trainers with their temperament. Not every dog will like to play with your dog, because these strong and powerful jokers sometimes seem odd even to other dogs. It may take a while until you find the right place to do your training with your dog. Other Bull Terriers or Bully breeds are the most likely bet to find a playmate for your dog, because they are equally sturdy and unlike many other dogs like the tackling, jumping and hucklebutting of Bull Terriers during play.
If you are able to give your Bull Terrier what she needs, you will also see her sleeping like an angel and overall you will have a well balanced and well behaved companion.

Find more information about the Bull Terrier character in this article.

3 thoughts on “How to work out a Bull Terrier

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  2. My bull terrier Jazz is like Mila and this helps me out a lot!
    Every day is about draining Jazz’s high energie and keeping her stimulated.
    I want to be the best ‘bully mom’ I can be for her and have come a long way with understanding her needs and how to get us on some kind of schedule so we can make the most out of every day.
    Thank you so much… I love your website… really helpful

    • Hello Kim,
      well, aren’t they a handful?! 🙂 But that’s why we love them even more, right? Thank you so much for your feedback.
      I am a bit busy lately. But I have tons of information waiting on my schedule to get out here into my blog. And I’ll keep posting. I’ll try to focus on some more tips regarding exercise and activities on the one and calming exercises on the other hand.

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