How to work out a Bull Terrier

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Some of the super agile Bull Terriers also come with another problem:

How to work out a Bull Terrier

C’mon! Let’s go outside and play!

They have their difficulties to calm down. Mila is such a specimen. After a short recovery period she will be pulling all strings to get the fun going again. She just does not want it to end.

This is why we do not provide action for her all the time. We throw in “calm periods” for her to learn that being calm is a great option until our next “action time” is coming up.
But this can only be successful, if your Bull Terrier in general is getting enough entertainment, attention and diversion in between and also still her fair share of exercise over the week.
If a calm period involves an entire day that also does not mean that you do not interact with your dog.
On the calm days you can play mind games or do clicker training or have some tug sessions in the living room.

I also encourage Mila to use her toys on her own without destroying them – just interfere and stop your dog, if she starts to display destroying behavior. Keep her toys attractive and let her have some of her toys only every once in a while. Of course, if she has a favorite toy, you should not hide this one.
It’s often a surprise for the dog to get an almost forgotten toy back again. Almost like getting a new one. On calm days Mila also sometimes gets a rawhide stick for chewing or a filled & frozen kong treat ball to keep her busy for a moment.

You can also play a “calm game” together, where you praise and reward her with a small treat for calm behavior, like lying down on her dog bed or next to you. Even do it, if your Bull Terrier puppy only lays down for a moment and then jumps back up with new ideas in her head. If you even praise or pet her for that, she will eventually get the idea. The rest will develop over time.

If you do not allow your Bull Terrier enough attention, she will let you know by barking, acting hyper and destructive. On the other hand, if you don’t set rules and after exercise require your Bull Terrier to calm down, you may experience her excessively craving attention.
If your Bull Terrier refuses to calm down after action, it may be necessary for you to do it for her. In that situation avoid any actions that reward the demanding behavior, such as petting or praise, hugging or playing with her. Instead order her to do something calm in a neutral and calm manner, such as lie down on her bed. After your dog has taken her time to calm down and is not hyper anymore, you can praise and hug her.

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3 thoughts on “How to work out a Bull Terrier

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  2. My bull terrier Jazz is like Mila and this helps me out a lot!
    Every day is about draining Jazz’s high energie and keeping her stimulated.
    I want to be the best ‘bully mom’ I can be for her and have come a long way with understanding her needs and how to get us on some kind of schedule so we can make the most out of every day.
    Thank you so much… I love your website… really helpful

    • Hello Kim,
      well, aren’t they a handful?! 🙂 But that’s why we love them even more, right? Thank you so much for your feedback.
      I am a bit busy lately. But I have tons of information waiting on my schedule to get out here into my blog. And I’ll keep posting. I’ll try to focus on some more tips regarding exercise and activities on the one and calming exercises on the other hand.

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