Tuffy toys – Soft dog toys that last

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Tuffy toys - Soft dog toys that last - Mila with her Tuffy Tug-O-war dog toy

Mila with her Tuffy Tug-O-war dog toy

Soft dog toys that last – other options for sale 

The manufacturer also offers other brands, such as “Mighty”, “Rugged Rubber” and more.
I have found toys starting at under $10 and others up to $80. So, some of the toys are pricey considering that they are toys for pets. But the tug toy, for example, is very affordable on Amazon (about $ 10-15).

Durability: What’s the “tuff scale”?

They have an interesting scale that indicates the durability of the toy – tuff scale.

Tuffy toys - Soft dog toys that last - The tuff scale

Image courtesy of vipproducts.

I only buy toys with rankings between 8 and 10 on their scale from 1-10.
The tug toy is a straight 10, sheep and pig are both 8.

As with balls I myself like to pick large. It just seems to make it less likely that Mila thinks she can eat this 🙂

Where to buy?

You can either buy directly on the Tuffy Toy website. You will also find the toys on Amazon. These are the ones, Mila owns:

There are tons of other Tuffy Toys!

They also offer a special discount program for frequent buyers, who also like to be testers: The “Dog Toy Tester” program. Check it out!

Despite toughness, caution is always advisable

In my experience – just as with balls and other toys – it is not advisable to let your dog play unattended for longer periods with a new toy. This is the moment when toys are most interesting and chances are high that the toy may end up destroyed. Especially when Bull Terriers are involved.
Mila owns several soft toys she can use around the house and she has access to anytime during the day, as long as I am at home.
My experience shows that giving her several toys to choose from lowers the possibility of one of them or items of mine getting destroyed. Once boredom hits with one toy, she can refocus on another one and start over with her play. She owns toys she only uses every now and then. Some toys are used on a daily basis (the pig for example).

If I catch her nipping and tearing at the seams, I discourage this behavior, if necessary I take the toy away for some time.

Note: Taking away toys and giving them back later is also a great way to make an abandoned toy interesting again, unless the dog really does not like that toy.

The most critical moment with the soft toys, of course is the one when filling spills out. I do not watch my dog 24/7 – who can?! But I have developed a “toy ear” – noticing when she starts to play and listening for “ripping” and “tearing” sounds.
So far no toy in my household has ended up completely dismembered by her.


If you want to try soft toys for a Bull Terrier, try to find the durable ones. Don’t take just any toy. Either way, it’s not worth the money, not even if you get it for free. Because then it’s probably not worth the risk of your dog swallowing materials that should not be swallowed.

That’s it for today!
I hope you find this essay helpful. Stay tuned for more information about other toys.

Interested in other possible choices for toys? Just browse my “Post about balls for dogs“.

2 thoughts on “Tuffy toys – Soft dog toys that last

    • As they can learn everything else in terms of behavior they can also learn HOW to play correctly – in our human understanding – and not immediately destroy everything they are given.
      Many dogs are very curious and like to dismember things just to learn what’s inside. Looking at their ancestry it’s no surprise that chasing things and ripping them apart is part of their nature – especially for dogs as the Bull Terrier, who was originally bred and used to chase small rodents. Many games they play are prey games, that’s imprinted in their genes. So, that is what they usually do, when we give them small items to play with without giving any instructions on how to use them.
      This is especially true for what I call the “new toy factor”. Everything new is particularly interesting and needs to be examined closely.

      But most breeds – also Bull Terriers – are eager to learn and to comply. If we take the time to show them how we want them to play with their toys, supervise and interrupt rough play, pretty soon they turn from little destroyers into more gentle players.
      The best way to do that is to play and interact WITH them and the toy, which most of them LOVE anyways – much more than playing on their own.
      Mila has a whole basket full of soft toys she has access to all day long, all of which are months to years old.
      Well, it never hurts to know how to repair a broken seam now and then. 🙂 After all they’re dogs and their teeth are sharp. 🙂

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