Dog beds for Bull Terriers – Suggestions

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Personally I love the all aluminum chewproof Kuranda Dog Bed, which I am introducing in another post. But there are, of course, other choices. Because not every dog has the same sleeping habits and also owners may be looking for different price ranges. Here are two other great choices of dog beds for your Bull Terrier.

1.  Majestic Pet 52-Inch Suede Bagel Dog Beds

Dog beds for Bull Terriers - Mila in her bagel bed.

Please don’t disturb my “Bully Yoga Session” – Mila in her bagel bed.


If your dog loves to snug into corners when sleeping this bagel-type bed could be the one.
The outer fabric is supposed to be micro suede. I actually consider it to be more like a denim-like fabric. It is durable.
The 52” size is far too big for Mila. But it allows her to spread in it. It has survived several Bully runs and all of her attempts of scratching and playing.


One negative aspect is that this bed does not hold its shape very well. It looses stability when the filling shifts under the dog’s weight. It stays cozy, but it looks kind of messy over time.
Also it is very hard to clean the fabric. We now use it as Mila’s rawhide chewing station, so she does not mess up our couch. And I have given up attempting to clean it.
So I would only buy this bed, if I would not bother about stains and hair. While it is advertized to be machine washable, it will probably only fit into one of those machines at a laundry station. I have once washed it in a coin laundry, which did not clean it any better than what I did by hand (wet scrubbing with a brush).


2. Heavy Duty Overstuffed Orthopedic Memory Mix Foam Pet Bed

If your dog loves flat beddings, this may be the bed for him.
This is a sturdy pillow-style bed with waterproof inner fabric and a denim cover that is removable for cleaning.
Mila has not tested this bed – we don’t own it. So it’s hard to give any detailed information on pros and cons. But it is one I had taken into closer consideration, when looking for durable dog beds last time. Therefore I just want to mention it. If you have any good or bad experience with this dog bed, feel free to let me know about it, so I can include this is my post.

From the same manufacturer a rectangular, flat mattress-style version is available!

If you need some general advice on how to choose a dog bed, read this post.

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