Dog beds for Bull Terriers – finding the right one

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Dog beds for Bull TerriersSearching for dog beds and finding the right one for your English Bull Terrier is not an easy task. Bull Terriers are very sturdy – and so should be the dog beds for Bull Terriers.
Many love to chew on wood or to take filled upholstery apart just to see what’s inside.
So it’s no wonder that many of the usual dog beds end up shredded to pieces.
Well, at least that makes for funny photos on Facebook, Pinterest etc… I’ve seen many of those. But of course it’s not funny when buying dog beds turns into a costly hobby.
My favorite is the the chewproof, all aluminum Kuranda Dog Bed, I introduce in another essay. It is really cool and different from so many dog beds I have seen so far.
But first let me give you some general information on how to find good dog beds for Bull Terriers.

What to consider when looking for dog beds for Bull Terriers

Like with many other things you buy for your Bull Terror … uhm, I mean Bull Terrier … it’s a good thing to put some research and consideration into the purchase of new dog beds for Bull Terriers. Also, usually it pays off to dig a little deeper into your pockets than you may be willing to do initially.
After all, even a more expensive bed that lasts will cost you less than two cheaper beds ripped to pieces in no time. That counts especially, if your Bull Terrier is still a teenager and full of mischievous ideas.

Of course, the right time to look for dog beds that last is AFTER the puppy stage, mostly because they grow so quickly, they literally grow out of puppy beds within some weeks.

My priority when looking for dog beds for Bull Terriers is not only that I don’t want them to get shredded. I also want them to stay in shape under the weight of my dog, look nice and be easy to clean, because I know my dog will distribute pieces of rawhide all over them.

Also you should know a little bit about the preferences of your Bull Terrier:

  • Does he usually like to lie on hard surfaces or does he prefer the cozy couch?
  • Does he usually spread when sleeping or is he rather coiled up and snug into a corner?
  • Does he like plushy or soft surfaces to lie on or rather coarse ones?
  • Has he been choosing thick beddings over thin ones in the past or vice versa?

Which bed should I choose?

If you are lucky enough to own a Bull Terrier that does not tear part everything softer than a wood plank and depending on the preferences of your dog you could already be happy with one of the dog beds for Bull Terriers listed below.

Find my personal favorite in dog beds here – the Kuranda all aluminum chewproof dog bed.

Find some more suggestions of great dog beds here.

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